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I was in the stacks helping a young girl find a particular series of books.

Me [handing her a book]: “If you like that series, you might like this one.”

Girl [frowning]: “My friend says that series is for boys.”

Me: “You wanna know a secret? They’re for everybody. You can read whatever the heck you want.”

Girl [grins and takes book]

PANK Magazine :: 9.5 May 2014 :: Don’t Look by Nate Pillman


My father’s first wife threatened suicide
after he and my brother, Sean, moved out,
so they had to break into their own house
when no one answered. My father boosted Sean

through the window, but before he did, knelt in the front
yard and grabbed his son’s shoulders. Don’t look
at anything, he said. Go straight for the door
and let me in. Look at me. Look at me. Don’t look…[more]

I just like this poem

CDL Blackout Poem #4: Poor Fire

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CDL Handbook Blackout Poem #2: Lack Fatigue


CDL Handbook Blackout Poem #1

take two

Just got word that my poem Black Ice Driving Guide has been accepted for publication in the lovely Kansas City Voices! This will be my third publication with them, as well has having been invited to read at several events. KCV is a wonderful journal, and I’m really proud to be a tangential part of the community of writers that Jessica and the gang are helping foment in the Kansas City metro area.

The Apocalypse Follows You Home From School One Day

on the back porch whimpering
its wet black eyes its appetite
whet with the scent of whatever you’re having that night
Mom’s a softie

you know if she’d just hold it in her arms a moment
run her fingers through its matted fur
like you, she’d learn to love around
the barbed wire tangled in its paws
the singed hundred dollar bills it’s swaddled in

This is an excerpt of the first poem from my manuscript, Always this Apocalypse with You

Read the rest of this and some other fine poems by some other presumably fine folks in Stone Highway Review issue 3.2